I’ve mentioned Jim’s quazi Jewish upbringing before and that means no Christmas. When I tell people that I don’t celebrate Christmas, they look at me like I’ve comitted the most retched sin. But then I ask them, “Would you give up Christmas for the person you love?” and they seem to get over it. Yes, sometimes it’s hard, I do love me some Christmas music, but for the most part it’s not too bad. The other day I was thinking that even if I did want a Christmas tree, there would be no way that I could have one. Honor would have the thing down and destroyed in about 3.6 seconds.

We go every year to my mom’s on Christmas day and I can still exchange gifts with my family which makes things easier, but I don’t want my children to feel like they’re missing out during this time of year. Enjoying the season has been kind of interesting with scrooge around and I’ve had to learn to be creative. (The only way I can get him to cheer up about Christmas is to remind him about the eggnog. He loves eggnog.) SOOO, I’ve convinced Jim to look into Hanukkah and we’ve decided to observe it this year. I think it’s an inspiring story and the lesson of a people standing apart for what they believe in is an important one to teach our children. I also feel that it’s important to have family traditions and I’m excited to be starting a new one with my family.

Here are a few links that I’ve found for yummy hanukkah treats and goodies.

Brisket with Portobello Mushrooms & Dried Cranberries
Kids candy dreidel
Crate and Barrel Menorah
History of Hanukkah


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3 Responses to “hanukkah”

  1. Stephanie

    Well Happy Hanukkah to you and your family. I would also give up Christmas for my lovely husband, if he ask me to that is? Right now I am hating Christmas anyway. BLAH.

  2. Kathy

    What a great compromise! Hanukkah is a wonderful celebration! (Not to mention that it is less ‘commercialized’!)

  3. neurochic

    PS, I think it is really sweet of you to celebrate Hanukkah. Things like this really touch me. If you want any tips from an “insider” drop me a line. I have recipes…

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