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Old Navy Love

March 31st, 2005 — 9:22am

I am SO in love with my new purse. I bough it at Old Navy (where else?). It wasn’t the best purse to take to Las Vegas, because it doesn’t have a shoulder strap and it got a little old carrying it everywhere with my heavy camera in it. I think my hand is STILL sore.

Isn’t it JUST so great?

It also comes in pink, but I’ve been so into green lately.

I also got these shoes at Old Navy.

AHHHH, Old Navy… What would I do with out you?

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Jelly Bath

January 8th, 2005 — 9:43pm

Bath connoisseurs this is the product for you!! Jelly Bath turns your bath water into a jelly substance and they say it holds the heat 5 times longer than regular water. Wouldn’t that be so cool? To take a bath in warm jello?? I need to try it. It’s $21 for a box and you can order online. Too bad that the closest store to me is in Aspen, maybe I need to make at trip.

Also, the website has some pretty cool Flash, you can even change the radio station, check it out.

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