sushi salad with wasabi dressing

sushi salad with wasabi dressing

from Julie M.

Salad Ingredients:
- mixed organic baby greens (you can use any salad
green mix you like)
- avocado slices
- cucumber slices
- Grape Nuts (you don't have to use this, but I've
been putting it in all my salads lately)

Other salad ingredients that would probably be good
but which I didn't add tonight due to not having them
in my house:
- smoked salmon or tuna or other cooked seafood
- cubes of tofu (raw, or marinated, or crispy-fried)
- any other sushi ingredient you like
- edamame

Wasabi Dressing:
- a few tablespoons of wasabi
- a few tablespoons of soy sauce
- a few tablespoons of lemon or lime juice
- a few tablespoons of olive oil

To make the salad, mix up all the salad ingredients.

To make the dressing, mix up all the dressing
ingredients in whatever proportions you like (I did a
little less olive oil and a little less lime juice,
equal proportions of wasabi and soy sauce) in a glass
jar with a lid, then shake it until the ingredients
are thoroughly mixed and the wasabi is dissolved.

To eat, put as much dressing on your salad as you want
and eat it up.



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