broccoli salad with hazelnuts, chickpeas and feta

broccoli salad with hazelnuts, chickpeas and feta

from Blå

I had this salad in cafe bar deli in cork. it was the best ever.
Broccoli, hazelnuts, chickpeas, feta cheese, green beans and
tomato pesto.

so blanch little broccoli florets and run them under cold water so they don't get soggy, just really lightly cooked and still bright and green.
the hazelnuts were crunchy, like they had been roasted.
the chickpeas were...just regular chickpeas!
the feta was really good stuff, crumbled into kind of big lumps, maybe like the size of a dice.
the green beans were like mange tout rather than like the soggy french bean variety.
and some yummy tomato pesto.
so i think if you get all those ingredients ready.
also some spinach leaves.
put some spinach leaves in a bowl.
put the broccoli and beans and chickpeas in.
mix the feta with the pesto and add that.
sprinkle over loads of the roasted hazelnuts.
it is very tasty. drizzle with olive oil and serve maybe with some crusty bread.
i don't have the actual recipe, it's just from my mind. but it is yummy.



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