egyptian salad

egyptian salad

from arabella

ok so here is a yummy salad that is popular in Tajikistan. It is called "Egipitsi Salat" or "Egyptian Salad" but that doesn't necessarily mean it's egyptian because all the salads here have fancy names like "fantasy" and "mimosa" that give no clues as to their ingredients.

pistachio nuts
olive oil

so basically you cut up a lot of tomatoes, then add onion, cilantro and pistachio nuts. squeeze the lemon juice in, add some olive oil and a bit of salt to taste. In fact, add all ingredients "to taste". We did about 5 small tomatoes, 1 tiny onion, a good handful of pistachios, half a bunch of cilantro, a juicy half-lemon, a healthy dollop of olive oil and 2 pinches of salt and it was yummy!!!



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