french balsamic salad

french balsamic salad

from Sarah L.

I got this basic vinaigrette recipe from a french
friend of mine. it's a very strong french taste. it
tastes really good with the earthy flavors in the
salad, but could be used with different ingredients
also. Very easy and simple to double or triple...

Dressing :

1 TBSP Good Dijon Mustard (Maille is the best)
1 TBSP Balsamic Vinegar
2 TBSPs Extra-virgin Olive Oil

(the better quality ingredients for the dressing, the

Whisk together, until blended.


Mesclun mix (Spring mix) salad greens
Pecans, broken into pieces (toast ahead in the oven 10
min. at 325)
Feta cheese crumbles

The dressing should make enough for a large salad for
2 people. For the salad, get as much mesclun mix as
you need for the two of you and then add as much of
the ingredients as you want.



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