5 year old

Birthday boy

Today Honor turns 5 years old. My baby! I can’t believe that he is five… As much as I’ve longed for this day – in my mind 5 was the magical age in which he would be easier – I’m now sad having reached it. He is easier, in fact he has been quite a joy lately. Almost every day he comes up to me with a tender look on his face and tells me, “Mom, you’re so cute.” (Can’t wait to see him when he’s a teenager trying to woo girls.)

Honor’s number one request for his birthday present was a live lobster. He’s been pleading his case over the last few months as we visited the lobster case at the grocery store. “Please mom, I want a pet wobster! Pleeeaaaseee?!” I never could quite reason with him as to why we couldn’t keep a lobster as a pet, but hopefully he will be happy with the slightly used Gameboy advance that we bought him instead.

Birthday boy

I think the next year for Honor might find him in preschool. He asked me yesterday if he would be going to school now that he is 5. Poor kiddo! He’s so lonely when Eden is in school! He also asked me if he could use the microwave now that he is 5. But, alas, no microwave usage for Mr. Honor as the last time he used it, he cooked a breadstick for 45 minutes before we discovered it.

Well, it’s opening presents time. Honor has been “dying” with all this waiting!

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