year in review 2008

I’m not sad to see this year go. While some amazing things happened this year, it was the worst of my life. Here’s to new and much better things in 2009.
(I’ve chronicled as much as I can from the past year, but the majority of the most dramatic stuff has been left out due to this blog being so public.)

•Drama, drama, drama involving family members and things I (shouldn’t) write on my blog.
•I tried to teach Honor to knit.
•Honor started calling people “chicken peep” as a term of endearment.
•Tangle was really busy with classes. The unusually snowy weather helped with this.
•Eden was thoroughly enjoying kindergarten.

•I did a lot of struggling with myself, my expectations of other people and the resulting disappointment of said expectations. I don’t know that a conclusion was ever drawn.
•Our old, broken down gas stove had a leak so I got to buy a new shiny one.
•I refinished a dining room table and chairs that my SIL gave me.
•Eden celebrated her 6th birthday. The only thing she wanted for her birthday was a computer so we complied with an older eMac that we found on ebay.
•Tangle started carrying Amy Butler fabric.
•I nearly burnt my hair off while grilling sausages for breakfast.

•We attempted letterboxing.
•I went on a quest to make homemade laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent. I failed at the latter.
•Jim surprised me with a room key to a fancy downtown hotel for date night.
•I went swimming with some friends at a clothing optional hot springs. (Where I remained clothed.) This was to say goodbye to one who was moving away.
•I finished the table I was refinishing and Jim hung my new chandelier that I got for an amazing deal.
•Jim’s employee moved away leaving him to work by himself for the first time in many years.
•Jim’s grandmother passed away.

•Tuck started being a little particular so we got him castrated hoping he would mellow out a bit.
•I committed to writing a couple chapters for a knitting encyclopedia of sorts.
•Jim got a Wii for his birthday.
•My sister got engaged.
•Eden lost her first tooth.
•I got a tattoo!
•Our beloved patio cover was destroyed in a crazy windstorm.
•Jim turned 33.

•We spent some time with friends shooting guns in the desert.
•The weather started to get quite warm therefore Tangle started to slow down. I got a lot of knitting done.
•Eden graduated from kindergarten.
•We bought a new (to us) truck.
•We found a camper for a ridiculously good deal in Denver and drove over to pick it up.
•Carrington and I spent a lot of time in said camper painting and getting it cleaned up.
•I did an interview with our local paper in which I talked about my grocery shopping habits. The interview appeared on the front page of the Sunday paper.

•Honor gave me a run for my money as he reached the pinnacle of his naughtiness.
•We went fishing at Rifle Gap with my dad, in his boat, for fathers day.
•We spent a long weekend camping and celebrating Carrington’s birthday. (Carrie would like to remind you all that this was the first time that I made her cry.)
•I became obsessed with Pom tea glasses and shampoo bar soap.
•We planned and embarked on a 12 day camping trip.
•I busted myself up falling out of the camper, tripping over curbs and injuring my knee while running.
•I completed 2 chapters for a book being published by Lion Brand and turned them in.

•We had fun camping, but it was more stressful than we anticipated due to unknown campgrounds and a bad dog.
•Tuck went to live at a new home after his aggressive behavior during our camping trip.
•Christina and I decided to take a big jump and leased a large space on Main Street for Tangle.
•We were very involved in wedding planning.
•Eden had her first cavity.

•My sister got married.
•Our TV broke so we decided to throw it away and cancel cable.
•Eden started first grade.
•We took over the Main Street spot and spent the final two weeks of August totally absorbed in remodeling and moving.
•During the remodel, I discovered my love for nail guns.
•We fished in our down time as much as we could.
•My baby peach tree grew peaches for the first time!

•Tangle opened for business on Main Street!
•Eden started reading chapter books.
•I turned 27.
•Honor turned 5.
•Jim and I joined the gym and started a 12 week program designed to kick our asses.

•Jim and I went to Las Vegas in celebration of our 9th wedding anniversary.
•Honor received a pet lobster, “lobsty”, from my uncle.
•I went with Jim to Moab, Utah while he played with the Pineapple Crackers. Utah is like a foreign country, I’m telling you!
•Tangle had our big grand opening.
•Someone close to us tried to commit suicide. Jim and I found the note, called the police and frantically made our way up a mountain to try to save a life. The police got there first and this person spent the next month in a psychiatric facility.

•Our niece stayed with us for awhile.
•Jim bought a motorcycle.
•I was interviewed on a local radio station about Tangle.
•In an attempt to be more organized, I created myself a house cleaning schedule.
•Honor had his second ever asthma attack and I had to take him to the ER.
•Tangle was crazy busy and we had a great time at our Black Friday sale.
•We celebrated Thanksgiving at my Aunt’s house.

•I appeared on television twice in one day to promote Tangle.
•Some friends and I had a fun time making cookies and candy and sewing dish towels out of Amy Butler fabric.
•Eden performed in her school talent show. She sang BINGO while Jim played the guitar.
•We celebrated Hanukkah by going swimming at a nearby hotsprings. We also had a lot of fun going to a 3d movie and eating Thai food.
•I enjoyed 10 days off in a row from work.
•We played games all night with some friends as we celebrated the coming of the new year.

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  1. lori

    What a fun way to review the year! Definitely eventful.

  2. Leann

    Great year in review. I wish we were closer so we could talk more. Oh yeah, and that we weren’t so dang busy! Have a good weekend. Take care! LG

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