the hard way

I’ve recently fallen victim to the gossip monster. Haven’t we all participated in a gossip fest here or there? Gossip is always the most fun when it’s of the juicy variety but it’s so different when you’re the one looking at it from the other side realizing that this is your LIFE people are effing with. It’s so hard to feel so helpless while everyone whispers behind your back.

Really, I get it, it’s so easy to just talk. It seems like words shouldn’t hurt someone so much. But it’s so interesting how words are really the sharpest weapon. How telling someone this one little, seemingly harmless piece of information shouldn’t unleash such a wildfire. Oh, but it does.

I’ve learned my lesson, the hard way of course, and I suspect that I may be learning this one for a long time. I desire so much to have a character of gentleness, one that can be trusted at all costs, and this is just one step in the path to that. It seems we humans always learn and are changed when we are walking through fire, not when the going is smooth and easy. So I will take this wildfire and learn my lesson and remember how to be worthy of trust the next time I run into a juicy bit of information.

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2 Responses to “the hard way”

  1. Sarah

    Ouch. That is a hard one. And it’s hard to know the difference between “sharing news” and “spreading gossip”. Sometimes it’s obvious, but mostly it’s not.

  2. sadie rose

    aww. i know that feeling. the worst. make sure you forgive even yourself, though, mama.

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