On Monday it finally occurred to me that we have a local dairy right here in GJ. I called them up and asked about how the cows were treated and fed. While they’re not certified organic – it can be expensive for a small business – their milk is organic. I was thrilled – organic and local! So the whole fam when out and picked out some milk and cream and while we were there, had a little tasty ice cream treat too.

I bought the heavy cream to mix with milk to make half and half but thought that I’d also try to make butter. Turns out making butter is easy. It only took me about ten minutes. It would have turned out well but I think my vintage kitchen aid leaked oil into the mixing bowl and the butter came out a little grey. Eww. I threw it away of course, but as soon as I figure out whats wrong with my mixer, I’ll be back in butter-making business.

Next I’m going to make a batch of kefir.

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3 Responses to “Buttah”

  1. Jill

    I have kefir grain if you need some starter and I only use organic milk to make it.

  2. Erin

    You can make butter really easily by shaking cream in a jar. It is a great way for little hands to burn up some energy and be involved in making their own food!

  3. Regina

    Love the new site! What font have you used?

    Also, butter in a jar is so simple. Another argument for, the best things in life = simple things.

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