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Well, here it is in all it’s glory. Suprised? Please have a little bit of patience while browsing, I’m sure there are still some bugs to be worked out. If you’re seeing something really out of wack, try hitting your refresh button a few times. If that doesn’t seem to fix it, send me an email. If you’re using Internet Explorer for Mac, I can’t promise that it will look too great for you, Internet Explorer for Mac sucks. I use Safari and my husband uses Firefox, just in case you were wondering. We frequently argue about which one is superior.

I’m going to bed now, can’t. look. at. the. computer. any. longer.

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  1. Mac8myPC


  2. kelly

    Your sight looks really nice. I first looked at it on explorer, and then after reading what you had wrote I looked on through firefox and it made a huge difference! Its a good thing you wrote that. Anyways I think its great that you will be selling your knitting because you have some really amazing stuff. Good luck

  3. Joelene

    Allson you amaze me! Your new site is wonderfully awesome. Sometimes I can’t even remember to feed the dog, let alone design my own website… and don’t get me started on cooking… My goal is next year:) Well It looks great, I am looking foward to the “purse”.

  4. melissa

    simply lovely…I also love the pic of your boychild all covered in sugary crap….but am far too lazy to post twice. I also am in love with the “fishing list”…our most memorable item to date is the tube of diaper rash cream Shannon flushed when Kait was about a month old or so.

  5. jess

    The new site looks great! I use Opera and am having no problems. Also, my man and I also have the browser debate (he’s also one of those snooty Firefox types!) :)

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