journal entry 2.25.11

Today is over. That I am thankful for.

Today I see God. I see his hand on everything. And I see how tending to these little hearts is healing me in a way that only God could have orchestrated.

Instead of coming apart at the seams, I see lost parts of me coming together. I feel more whole than I have ever felt in my life and today I lost my husband.

I feel suspended on a cloud, in a net of love. I can feel the prayers holding me up today. I have spent a lot of time feeling alone and unloved and I am very solidly neither of those today.

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3 Responses to “journal entry 2.25.11”

  1. rhicks

    i love u. im amazed at where He is taking you. its beautiful to watch

  2. karinajean

    gosh, dear. sending you strength and love!

  3. Polly

    My prayer is for Gods hand to heal your broken heart. I learned a painful lesson from my first marriage- you can not make someone love you. Praise God His love is unconditional, He will never leave you or forsake you! Cling to God and he will carry you through.

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