my crazy quilting weekend

Once I get something in my head, I get so ridiculous. Someone once described me as tenacious and I think that that is just about perfect. There might possibly be a picture of me next to the word in the dictionary. This weekend I decided that I wanted a new quilt and that I wanted one RIGHT NOW. So I basically locked myself in the house for two days and made a quilt. (And a pair of slippers.)

When the Joel Deeberry fabric arrived at Tangle, I about had a heart attack over the cuteness. In fact, I had to reorder the aqua birds because it sold out in the first week. But not before I saved some for myself. It sat on my sewing desk for two weeks before it turned into a quilt, so really I’m applauding my restraint. The aqua birds and the orange damask are from the aviary 2 line, the dots are Amy Butler.

I wanted to make the quilt simple with big blocks of the fabric. I think the prints show up best this way.

Aviary 2 quilt

Aviary 2 quilt

The back was basically an exercise in how I could use up all of the scraps. I paired it with some Amy Butler cream solid. I think I might like the back more than the top.

Aviary 2 back

Aviary 2 bavk

I quilted each square with a different pattern. My favorite, and the most annoying to do, is the “concentric” squares on the orange damask. I get really lazy when it comes to quilting, so once I started, I had to force myself finish. Shoving a quilt through my little machine is not my favorite thing to do.

He thinks the quilt is for him

Dexter was really “helpful” in making this quilt. I don’t know what it is about this dog that he is drawn to any piece of fabric laying on the ground. He walked all over the back with muddy feet. This morning I came home to find him snuggled under the quilt. He is lucky that he is cute.

I learned a few new skills while making this. First, I discovered how to baste with adhesive spray. I will never again do it another way. This saved me at least an hour. And was SO easy.

The second is how to make continuous bias binding. Were I to not mess it up, it would have saved me tons of time. It’s such a smart method.

The quilt is roughly 60×60 and will find it’s home in the living room where I’m slowly amassing a nice collection of quilts.

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