Alyssa’s shower

June is the craziest month for me – full of parties! The first was a shower I threw for my cousin Alyssa who is getting married next week. I just love throwing a party – planning out the menu, making the house perfect, and planning all the details.

I wanted to go for a little whimsical sophistication for the treats, so we had marshmallow pops dipped in dark chocolate with sprinkles, antipasto skewers, smoked salmon dip and a 4 layer red velvet, strawberry shortcake. To drink I made naughty limeades which is 7up, half a lime squeezed, maraschino cherries and vodka.

Everything was delicious, if I do say so myself.

(excuse the blurry phone photos)

Alyssa's Shower

Alyssa's Shower

alyssa's shower

Alyssa's shower

I’ve recently started collecting old china to use for such occasions. I love the look of mismatched plates. This was the first time I got to use it which made me super excited.

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