a village

They're gonna miss her

The kids have been struggling some. Honor shows it the most in his behavior. It’s been a real challenge for me to remain patient and consistent. Right now, managing them has been such a constant job. I know it’s tricky for smaller kids who feel sad but don’t know how to process it so they just end up acting out. Eden has an easier time of vocalizing how she is feeling, but struggles more with going back and forth between the two houses. I tried so hard to protect them from this.

My friend Carrie has been such a Godsend in their lives. She is like the fun older sister and they just LOVE her. She tucks them in whenever she is at our house during bed time and reads stories will all the really good voices. She also can get through to them in ways that I never can.

I’m just realizing how much it really does take a village to raise kids and how important it is for me to let other people help and step in and impart things to my kids that I can’t. Honor has been craving dude-time now that he lives with a bunch of girls (something that he complains about frequently) and it has been wonderful to see different guys in our lives step in to hang out with him.

I’m kind of in the trenches right now with these two, but I know that God has a plan for us, something good, and I think my kids are starting to believe that too.

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