Honor’s Beetle

Last night we were at a BBQ with some friends and this fantastic beetle found it’s way into someone’s car. Honor was so impressed with it that I let him take it home. I’m pretty sure that it’s a California Prionus.

Luckily for me, Honor had the brilliant idea to see if the Math and Science Center would want the beetle. (I think this beast freaked him out a little bit.) So today we dropped off Cockroach, the beetle, to his new home. Honor was thrilled that they were going to keep the name he chose. And that he will be able to visit his buddy frequently as soon as school starts again. The biologist at the Math and Science Center said that beetles like this live most of their life as grubs and that this guy will probably only live life as a beetle for about 4 months. Fascinating. I’m so glad that it’s not living with me anymore.


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  1. Brooke

    Disgusting, I am having heart palpitations just from the picture. Honor’s lucky that we are both still alive after he shoved it in my face exclaiming “cockroach!”… I’ll be sure to avoid the Math and Science center for the next few months.

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