Yard Sale Scores

Friday was another yard sale-ing success. Amy is not only my canning friend but she is also my yard sale-ing friend. We go at least every other Friday all summer long and it is one of my very favorite things to do… evar.

Yard sale score before
Chairs before

Our last score was a set of wooden chairs. We split them up, each taking two for the front of our houses. There was a little damage done to the wood by what appeared to be a very large dog, but Amy’s husband took care of that really easily with his saw.

Amy’s look so darling in front of her house.

Amy's chairs after

I painted mine aqua to match my fluorescent steps. They still need a touch up and I have little patio area planned for the space underneath them (just as soon as I can talk someone into helping me with it!).

Yard sale score after
(if you look very carefully, you can see Dexter peeking his little weenie head out the curtains.)

I’m feeling a little discouraged with the state of the outside of my house… it’s so much work to keep up with by myself. But these chairs gave me some much needed inspiration and motivation.

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