standing still

Something occurred to me yesterday:

I’ve been surviving, not living.

And as I’ve spent my time holding on, I’ve forgotten about my extraordinary ability to make things happen. And now I feel like my crazy 20’s are about to end – that time in life where I was too young to know any better. Too young to know that I was taking ridiculous risks or working to make the impossible happen.

Those years are gone – lost. And while there was value in that time – time I used to get myself in order and face my heart – I now have to account for it, how it was spent. I feel like I’ve been wasting time. I’m 34 days away from turning 30 and my life has been moving in front of me as I stood still.

I cannot live any more of my life standing still – surviving.

I do not get to waste any more time.

I’m ready to start moving again. I’m ready to start making things happen. I’m ready to tell an amazing story with my life. The best part is that I can.

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