2011 Year in review

(If you want the short version of 2011 it would be: I got divorced. The end. Or maybe: I graduated therapy. The end. Or quite possibly: I got a dishwasher. The end.)

I’m not sure I can even put words to the transformation 2011 saw in me. I am a completely different person in every way. I think that it is because I am finally home in my own skin. It took life’s worst rejection for me to realize who I am and really accept and like myself. Being told I wasn’t worthy made me finally realize how worthy I really am. I now feel so free, so alive. Everything seems better, brighter, bigger and more fun. I have no way to say how thankful I am for where I am and I continue to be in awe of what my life looks like today. Every second of the pain I went through was worth being here and I think the last year shows that:

It seems like this was a year of celebration, which I love. Sorrow should always be mingled with joy.
We celebrated:
Amy’s 30th birthday (a surprise party with lots of pink, fluffy cotton candy.)
Eden’s 9th birthday
Mother’s day with carne asada and Red Mango and handmade presents from the children.
Alyssa’s engagement and bridal shower
Carrie’s birthday
Rickelle’s baby shower (and Gunnison being born)
Alyssa’s two weddings (the first I photographed and the second was the most fun wedding I’ve ever been to)
My 30th birthday
Honor’s 8th Birthday
Seth’s birthday
Amy’s epic Christmas party

We also embraced holidays in new ways:
April Fools Day – Honor participated for the first time – there were lots of taped faucets.
Passover – a tradition I will carry on.
4th of July - we celebrated by floating the river and watching the fireworks in the park.
Halloween – we celebrated by carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating and having an adult costume party.
Thanksgiving – we started a new tradition of eating pie in the morning and then celebrated with my aunt, uncle and cousins.
Christmas – we celebrated for the first time ever.
Hanukkah – still feeling our way through this one as non-jews.

The kids and I had the pleasure of being photographed by Cat Mayer.
•Eden graduated 3rd grade and started 4th. She and I ran the Girls on the Run 5k together. She went to church camp, learned to sew and embroider and brushed up on her knitting skills. She and Carrie published a real book together making her a (self) published author at the age of 9.

•Honor graduated 1st grade and started 2nd. He began reading chapter books and spent A LOT of time building things with legos and collecting bugs. Honor illustrated Eden & Carrie’s book.

Along with Seth, moved in with us in August, forming a little, tight-knit community. Went with the kids and I to our first ever JUCO game, the drive-in movie, the lake and camped with us in the backyard. Saved us all in more ways than she will ever know.

House and garden
I planted peas, lettuce and broccoli and helped plant the community garden. Then my gardening efforts sort of fizzled out. I painted the steps to my house aqua as well as the dining room chairs. Carrie helped organize the whole house which feels amazing. I got a new (to me) couch and a new (to me) bed frame. I purchased and installed (all by myself!!) an new dishwasher which we had been without for the entire year.

Tangle turned 5 and continued to prosper with our biggest year ever. We participated in Knit on the Corner for the 2nd year and added a few more teachers to our staff.

The kids and I made a few trips to Denver to visit my sister. We also went to Wyoming to celebrate my step-grandfather’s 90th birthday. I went to Wyoming to photograph my cousin’s wedding. Carrie and I took a couple trips to the hot springs in Ouray, once with kids and once without.

Amy and I canned pickles, strawberry rhubarb jam and lavender peach butter. I also canned cranberry sauce. I sewed 3 quilts and knitted 3 blankets. Nearly every gift given was handmade this year. And I discovered pinterest.

After many years of wanting to leave, Jim moved out. The kids hearts broke at a time that mine was finally healing. After a mandatory co-parenting class, we got divorced in October, just 10 days shy of our 12th wedding anniversary. In living through this, I learned what love really is.

I did a lot of yard sale-ing with Amy, finally got an iphone, joined the board of the downtown association, tried to do a three week fruits and veggies only diet that lasted 5 days and stayed off grains (for the most part) for the rest of the year. Graduated therapy, went to a leadership conference and was reminded that I can do ANYTHING and make ANYTHING happen. Felt my community band around me when single-parenting got really hard. Started helping my friend look into how our city handles our homeless population. Decided to get really serious about working out and taking care of my body. Lost 15lbs, accepted the fact that I am kind of into fitness. Started dating. Helped my church start a free medical clinic. Turned into the person I was created to be.

A few of my favorite tweets to sum up the year:

I am so thankful for what I have been through and where I’ve come. I know I say it over and over, but I really can’t express how worth it ALL of this has been and how amazing it is to be on the other side. I have no clue what 2012 holds, but I am so excited for what’s next!

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  1. Tara Gatseos

    I don’t really read your blog, but upon receiving your tweet about Eden’s song and watching it, I am glad I stumbled on this entry. Thanks for sharing, and I wish you all the best!

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