the girl turns ten

It seems really normal to me that Eden is now ten years old. The weird part is that I’ve been a parent for ten years. Um, what?

Eden celebrated her tenth birthday with a dance party in the living room with 8 of her friends. We had science spaghetti – she specifically requested that Jim make it – and neapolitan ice cream cake. For her present I replaced her broken iPod and she spent the day purchasing all kinds of pop songs with her iTunes gift cards. (I tell you, kids these days… every single girl knew the words to “sexy and I know it” which made me feel better about being such a terrible parent.)

Ten year old

Ten year old

Ten yr old

Edens birthday ice cream cake

The girl turns ten

Science spaghetti

At ten years old, Eden reads any and everything she can get her hands on. She picked up a copy of Coraline at the library the other day and finished it before she went to bed that night. She gets along really well with all the girls at school (something that I was never very good at) and is a peacemaker whenever conflict arises. She is also very good a writing. We are always cracking up at the stories she writes… so creative. She will participate in her second year of Girls on the Run and she is ridiculously excited about starting practice next week. Overall she is very responsible and fun to be around. She has her dad’s sense of humor and is always so good to give his sarcasm right back to him.

Happy tenth birthday Eden!

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  1. Sarah Louise

    Happy birthday to the lovely Eden! What a fun mom, looked like a great party :)

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