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Front Desk

The Good Samaritan Clinic started almost a year ago out of a dream – we wondered, what would happen if we could provide medical care to the people in our community who couldn’t afford it but desperately needed it. If you don’t know what the Good Samaritan Clinic is, it’s a medical clinic, supported by our community, staffed by volunteer physicians and medical professionals from our valley, and run solely on donations. We don’t ask our patients to qualify financially to be seen at our clinic and we also do not require them to pay.

the front door

I started volunteering because I was interested in homeless relations in our valley and I knew the clinic would impact that population. I started out helping where I could and I kind of fell into the role I now find myself in, Operations Administrator. I kind of think that’s how things work with God, he just gradually plugs you into a position that best suits your skills and suddenly you find yourself doing something you’ve never imagined for yourself but it’s perfect. I have never worked harder in my life but I just LOVE what I’m doing for the clinic.

Our office

Our clinic started out as a mobile clinic. We would work out of various locations in the valley and as the word spread, our monthly clinics got bigger and bigger. A month or so ago we leased a permanent space for the clinic and began working on getting it ready to be a clinic. On Monday the construction and painting wasn’t finished yet and the building was empty and by Thursday we were totally set up and had our open house.

My friend Brian and I practically camped out in the space this week cleaning, moving furniture, organizing supplies and hanging pictures. Last night, after our open house, we sat in the beautiful space and marveled at the feat we had pulled off… we opened an entire medical clinic in just a few days. I’m so proud of this huge thing we’ve accomplished.

Our conference/extra waiting room

work space/exam room

I’m excited for what’s next. We get so many phone calls every day from people who need help but can’t afford it. I’m excited to be able to tell them, yes, this is where we are located and yes, we can help you. I’m amazed that a church that’s only a couple of years old can pull off a project SO big and help so many people, not for the purpose of converting them but for the simple purpose of just HELPING where the need is.

exam room

Our signs

For me running the clinic has been part of those blind steps forward that I’ve learned to take. It’s been part of me laying my life in God’s hands, totally surrendering, and saying, wherever you’re taking me is where I’m going. I never expected this to be where he took me, but it’s perfect for who I am. I’m so grateful that I get to do what I was made to do. It’s pretty amazing.

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  1. Leann

    You are amazing, Allison! I am so proud of you. :-)

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