I ate Spam.

And I HATE Spam. It tastes like dog food. Last night at youth group we played a game (I’m in charge of games) involving Spam. I split the room into two teams and each team sent up a delegate. We played Hangman. When a team got a hangman, their delegate had to draw from a bucket and eat whatever food was on the piece of paper that they pulled out. The food options were Tofu (which I love but most teenagers don’t), Spam, Beets, and Green Olives.

One of the words I chose was “Cher” but I mistakenly spelled it “Sher.” I thought it looked funny, but it didn’t register. Because I spelled it wrong, the kids decided that I should have to eat something. Of course I would draw the name of the food I absolutely loathe. As I chewed away, I was kicking myself for cutting the Spam in such big chunks. Yuck!

Anybody have any ideas of other weird foods I can make the kids eat? I’d love to have ideas on games too, sometimes it gets hard coming up with all these games.

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  1. Nadia

    Anchovies – everyone hates anchovies (except me and my Dad). Okra? Its sticky and people have issues with that. You could also try introducing them to new foods that look weird but are really good like the big tapioca used in bubble teas or dried figs (I prefer the black mission figs). Some teens have a limited palate but once they try new foods they find they’re really good, however, I don’t know your teens at all so perhaps they love these things already!

  2. Sarah

    I’d try pickled herring. It’s one of those things, I think, that you might have to grow up with to appreciate. Get it in the deli of your supermarket or sometimes they have it in jars. Avacadoes might be a good idea, too. Weird color, weird texture, but not too bad to taste. Most people, if they’ve ever had it, have only tasted it in guacamole. Jalapenoes are another idea, or those canned green chiles.

    For a game resource, I’d recommend my dad’s boy scout website. He’s very involved with scouting activities and has compiled an in-depth resource for scout masters. The site is not real flashy, but it will have activities and games for people of all ages. Here’s the page with the index of resources:


    Tell me what you think, and if you find anything for your teenagers!

  3. Sarah

    I wanted to add, that if you’ve never had pickled herring before, the kind you buy in the grocery store that is available year-round isn’t the best pickled herring. I mean, as far as pickled herring goes, it’s not so good.

    If you want GOOD pickled herring, the kind that makes you proud to be scandinavian, you need to get it at a butcher shop in rural Minnesota around Christmas time.

    I just didn’t want you to judge all pickled herring by what you’d be able to get ahold of in Colorado. I mean, are there even Swedes in Colorado? :)

  4. pretendingsanity

    No, Colorado is not too full of Swedes, at least Grand Junction where I live.

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

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