Dream boards 2012

This was the 4th year of dream boards. I hope that 30 years from now, I have a stack of dream boards from every year. And I hope that Amy, Carrie, Rickelle and I will make it a priority to always get together, once a year, no matter where we live, to do this.

I love how each board is such a statement of where I am every year. I love this little piece of creative history. And I love seeing the contrast between my life and the lives of my friends. We are all at such different places in our lives, yet certain threads weave through each of our lives, connecting us to each other.

I can’t say how overwhelmingly thankful I am for these girls and the community we’ve formed around us. We’ve created a culture that says it’s OK to be connected to our hearts and to each other. I become more and more aware of how special this is… that this doesn’t just happen to everyone. I am lucky. I am blessed. I am SO thankful.

Dream board 2012

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