Christmas 2012

This Christmas was the craziest holiday season I’ve had yet. We had four fundraisers for the Good Samaritan Clinic in the month of December on top of it being Tangle’s busy season. I got a flu shot that made me sick for the second half of the month (one sickness after another) and we also celebrated with some amazing parties, including a party at my house for the clinic volunteers, Amy’s fifth annual epic Christmas party and a party for our employees at Tangle. Josh was back and forth between here and Denver so he could participate in all the fun with us and was here to celebrate Christmas too. We had Christmas Eve at my Aunts house and we got to celebrate with my cousin’s husband who was home from the Air Force for the first time since he left in June for bootcamp. My other cousin was also home from college. Alyssa and Scott will be stationed in Florida next year so there was definitely a sense that this was the last year of normality.

Christmas was at my house this year which was decorated for the first time ever. We sort of had a progressive Christmas starting with stockings. I made the kids wait for my mom to arrive to open presents and then Meghan, Jim’s girlfriend, stopped by with more presents for the kids before we ate breakfast. Josh made amazing gravy for my biscuits which was the first time I’ve ever had biscuits and gravy (I’m definitely a fan) and of course there was bacon, eggs and my mom’s cinnamon rolls. Seth and Carrie stopped by after breakfast to exchange more gifts and then my dad came for Christmas dinner which was steak, shrimp, mashed potatoes and gravy (the best I’ve ever made) and crispy brussel sprouts with bacon.

I would definitely say a fun time was had by all. And I just resolve to 1. not be sick next year and 2. relax more!

First year to decorate

If imma do a tree, it's gonna be like this.
Tiny live tree.

Paper chain
butterfly paper chains

I hung a wreath or two...
sparkly wreath

Front door in progress

Sparkly branches #christmasdecornewbie
Rip branches off my tree, spray paint them gold, sprinkle with glitter, hang sparkly balls.

Overflowing #handknit
Along with the stockings I knit for Tangle, I also knit 4 stockings for home.


Airplants and succulents
I hung succulents and airplants along with ornaments over my baby tree.

Gettin the presents all wrapped up
How I wrapped all of my presents.


Christmas Treats

Holiday treats
somehow I found time to make a few Holiday treats. I created the graphic with lots of inspiration from

Holiday treats
glassine paper bags that were inside the paper sacks.

Choco dipped potato chips

The Christmas elves are busy. @amylinnlentz @carringtonschaeffer #amysepicchristmasparty

Amy’s epic party

(all photos of Amy’s party are by Lisa.)


<3 these girls

Amy's house

singing carols
I love that we sing carols at the end of the night.

carrie, abigail & me

Christmas Eve


Honor and David
Honor and my cousin David on Christmas Eve

Best gift evar. #thanksauntannie
my favorite gift of all, an inside joke from my aunt.

Christmas Day

The most impatient kids #coffeebeforepresents
I was sick on Christmas morning so the kids freaked out when it took me a little longer than usual to get moving. Also… it was fun torturing them.

Bribe him with a bone so he will leave us alone for present opening.
we give Dexter a bone before opening presents so he will leave us alone.

Best gift for Honor

Christmas present aftermath.

Crispy Brussel sprouts with bacon
loved these crispy Brussel sprouts with bacon

Santa came to visit me today and insisted that we take a picture.
Santa came to visit me at Tangle and insisted that we take a picture

Having a party for all 15 of my employees.
presents all set for my 15 employees at Tangle!

All blue #christmaslights
I love the tradition of driving around to look at Christmas lights.

What is Christmas without zombies?

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