to Denver on the train

Our big Christmas-break activity this year was to ride the train to Denver. We worked it out so that Josh was able to ride back with us. The kids loved the trip and did really well considering it was 8 hours. We spent some time in the observation car (which is my favorite) playing games and having lunch before we headed back to our seats. I also love the train as a method of travel through the Rockies as it’s SO relaxing without the stress of navigating the passes in the winter… also they serve beer.

While in Denver we got to see my sister and the twins who just turned 3. Also their new puppy, an 8 week old Border Collie named Chancho after a charachter from Nacho Libre. We also ate at some great restaurants, shopped for our Christmas presents from Josh (for the kids it was a trip to Build-a-Bear and for me it was a shopping spree at Anthropologie in leiu of the gift he ordered me from Anthro that was backordered). And we went to the Denver Aquarium which was AMAZING! Honor especially enjoyed it as he currently wants to be an Aquarist when he grows up.

I’m pretty in love with the pictures I got from the train and also the one’s from the aquarium. It’s amazing what an iPhone 5 can do.

I say it's delightful and @joshhudnall says it's "delight-ish" #lovesnow #traintrip

These mountains...

Winterpark from the train

Blurry trees #winterpark #traintrip

Train travelers

20 degrees. Downtown Denver
right near Josh’s apartment

Worth the hour+ wait
breakfast from Snooze

My sister got a if the twinzies weren't enough.

Where everyone knows @joshhudnall's name. (And @hoptocopter too.)





Just keep swimming #dori&nemo

Wonder where they found the mermaids?

Sea flowers

After our trip to the aquarium, all I want is a pet otter.

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