Tangle’s Summer Windows

We’ve been overhauling Tangle. We’ve been here on Main Street for nearly 5 years, so it was time to change a few things up. The store is rearranged, the windows are new and the class schedule is completely re-deisgned. This doesn’t sound so bad when it’s written down all in one little sentence, but it was an extraordinary amount of work. So thankful to be finished!

The last week of my life has gone to redesigning the Tangle class schedule.

Everything for the windows is handmade. The paper clay barnacles, the egg carton seaweed, the clams, the jelly fish and the sea urchins made from knitting needles, skewers and foam. It was so much fun. Also, so much work!

Paper clay barnacles for Tangle's windows.

Under the sea windows in progress

Under the sea windows progress.

Tangle's under the sea windows.

Tangle windows: jellies!

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