Duck Face Week

A couple of weeks ago, Carrie and I thought it would be funny to declare it Duck Face Week. If you don’t know what a Duck Face is, it’s when girls take “sexy” pictures of themselves, sticking their lips out. It seems to be quite the trend on the internet these days. We had fun with our little project, silly as it was.

Day 1.
Day 1 #duckfaceweek

Day 2.
Day 2 #duckfaceweek

Day 3.
Day 3 #duckfaceweek

Day 4.
Day 4. Duckface with coffee. #duckfaceweek

Day 5.
Day 5. Duckface with knitting on the way to Denver. #duckfaceweek

Day 6.
Day 6. #duckfaceweek

Final day. Duck face in a park. #duckfaceweek

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