Well, a grueling week of sifting through code and here it is. I’m really excited about the new and improved It started with my EXTREME need to find a way to block all the freaking spam. Seriously, there were days that I deleted over 100 spam comments from the site. With upgrading the blog software, it should take care of the spam problem.

But there are several cool new features that I think you’ll like. I’ve been able to expand the menu section so that I can now store past weeks menu’s in the database. You can also now comment on the weekly menus.

The posts are now sorted by categories and thanks to my husbands GENIUS mind, the archives are sorted by month AND title.

There will only be one days post on the front page from now on, but viewing previous posts is simple. Just click through the before and after links at the top of each page. Or view previous posts by clicking on the calendar or visiting the archives.

Anyway, I hope you really like it. Please let me know if you find anything wonky as you’re looking around. I’m excited about all the new features and about NO MORE SPAM!!! (keep your fingers crossed.)

Oh, yeah, if something looks really strange, try hitting your refresh button a couple of times and don’t forget to read about how Honor may of may not have consumed a worm yesterday. :)

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5 Responses to “NO MORE SPAM!”

  1. Lucimama

    I like the redesign alot … but I can’t see the recipes or Jim’s ratings of them. (But I could read his explanation of his rating system, which was hysterical!) I’m on a Mac, OS X, with Firefox, if that matters to you.

  2. Joelene

    Everything looks great! Even here at work where I use a PC! Yeah for new cool blog!

  3. LeAnne

    Nice colors on the blog! Hey, I’m trying the MS EF #21 sweet n sour chicken tonight…did you try it?

  4. Sarah E.

    The blog looks great! Very spring!

  5. Cara

    Love the new look…and now that I think about it, it’s actually the same colors we’re using for our nursery :)

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