I will operate with a thankful heart. I will not forget the magnitude of what I was rescued from. I will be thankful for the beautiful mess that is my life.

I will TRUST. Trust will be my new way of life. I will always trust. There is no other way.

I will take this time to learn whatever I can, to wring every last drop out of my experiences, to let them change me, soften me, mold me.

I will embrace my true self and I will not apologize for or hide who I am. Who I am is what others around me NEED me to be. I will be it.

I will be present, with my eyes wide open. I will SEE what’s around me. I will SEE the good things I have. I will SEE the good things happening to me. And I will SEE others around me. I will witness their pain and their joy and help how I can.


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