Cali trip

Better late than never, pics from our trip to California. Can I just say, I’m in LOVE with the ocean…

This was the kid’s first time on a plane.

Waiting for her first airplane flight. #vacay #laxbound

First plane trip!

His hope is to eat here everyday. @joshhudnall
Josh’s goal was to eat at In n Out everyday. We got off the plane and went straight there.


They're in love.

This place... I could live here.


Disneyland kids
We barely got any pics at Disneyland, we were too busy running from ride to ride.

Space mountain

Closed eyes and photo bombs...

Honor begged me to take this pic. Amazing what they can do with Legos...

Heaven for the boy

Sky writing #LA
Sky writing in LA


Sail away

Sand mermaid


Spent another day at venice beach.


seasalt fish grill in Santa Monica #yesplease
Santa Monica

Don't mind us driving up hwy. 1.

Outdoor dining, sooo good.

I love him.


This beach....such a dreamy experience.

Sea cave with baby Royal photo bombing us.

Avila beach and coffee at joe mamas.

We got to see a school of dolphins swimming along Hwy 1. Amazing.

Just north of Malibu.

I feel like being at the ocean is breathing deeper, or like God puts his hand on you and you settle in and calm down. I nearly cried when we left it for the last time.

Smog makes for some great sunsets over Hollywood.

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