I have several posts started about recent milestones in my life. I turned 32 last month, Honor turned 10 and I saw the 2 year anniversary of my divorce come and go. Possibly the most important milestone of them all has been 1 year of knowing Josh, which happened yesterday. There are so many ways that I can’t believe a year has passed. And then other ways that this year has seemed stretch out more than others. It’s been a hard but good year for me, full of personal growth that hasn’t always come easily.

I didn’t realize the work it would take to learn to trust again. Josh has had to prove himself to me in ways that haven’t been very fair to him, but so necessary for me. I’m so very thankful for how IN IT he has been with me, so patient and so present. We took a few minutes yesterday to reflect on the last year, each trying to name our favorite moments, shining memories from the past year. There are really too many to mention, but when I think about Josh, I think about his unwavering love and patience for me. I think about how much fun we’ve had and how perfectly we fit together. He’s something I’ve always wished for, but never really believed I could have. He tells me he loves me and I tell him how weird it is for me because I’m so not used to it. It’s taken me nearly a year to believe that I actually HAVE this amazing relationship, everything I’ve always wanted. I feel so lucky.

This is what you get when Seth says make a serious face! @hoptocopter
Super Serious photo by Seth.

Lumineers!!!! #coloflashflood
Us, on my birthday, during a flash flood at the Lumineers concert at Red Rocks.

"How does it feel to be 10?" "It feels like I'm still 9."
Honor on his 10th birthday

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