Yesterday I came home to find a note from our teenager. She moved out. This all started a couple of weeks ago when we sat her down and laid out some new rules. We have been unhappy with some of the choices she was making and wanted to let her know what the future consequences would be. After experiencing one consequence (losing her phone for a day), she decided that she couldn’t “take” it and moved out.

We haven’t talked to her, we don’t know where she is. We’re both a little angry that she just gave up, but there’s not a lot we can do. The only real authority we had in her life is what she allowed us. It’s a scary thing when a teenager can do whatever they darn well please. It’s just no fun being the bad guy all the time when all we’re trying to do is what’s best for her.

So anyway, today I’m feeling very thankful that my children are 1 and 3, I’m thinking of what we can do with our basement now that’s it’s not inhabited for the first time in over a year, and I’m going to go make myself some Starbucks with half and half and whipped cream.

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  1. Brooke

    Well, No one can say that you guys didn’t do your best. I have all the admiration and respect for what you and Jim did to help her, and what you put up with in that journey. One good thing is you have some experience in dealing with teenage issues BEFORE your kiddos are there. My class just finished reading Because of Winn-Dixi, there’s a quote I find rather fitting…”You can’t hold onto something if it wants to go.” You have truly “Lived and Learned”. Please let me know if ther is anything you need help with… Maybe redecorating…painting…. :)

  2. KB

    It sounds like you guys have done all you can. Not to mention the awesome role models you’ve been. Seriously it may be hard for you guys, since you gave it all you had and she gave up, but really you’ve been amazing. I don’t think very many people could have done what you did. She’ll realize it later in life when she grows up a bit, and I’m sure she will appreciate what you guys taught her about family values and such.

    sorry this comment was a little wonkey(grammar wise), but I’m out the door and in a hurry. BYE!

  3. neurochic

    I’m sorry, I know you really tried to help her. Maybe deep inside she’ll keep some of the positive values she was exposed to and come back to them – and you – in a few years.

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