Today I am tired. I’m tired of dealing with the consequences of a choice I didn’t make and a life I didn’t want. I’m tried of walking into my kid’s school and feeling like a failure and feelingjudged because I can’t fit a full amount of parenting into half the time. I’m tired of not having my kids all the time, sending them to their dad’s @thegotogirl might have just shushed some high schoolers.house when they’re hurting or struggling, not knowing if they will be taken care of the way I want them to be.

I’m tired of paying for the fact that I counted on someone to keep his word both during and after marriage, and I’ve been constantly let down. I’m frustrated that there are ties that I can’t just walk away from when all I want to do is walk away. Cut the ties. Be finished. And get to move on.

I’m just so tired of things being hard.

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