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Today the FexEx guy walked into the office at my new job and asked, “What? You’re here too?”

Yes, I do all of the things.

(PS, I got a new job. I’m the “Interim Marketing and Communications Manager” for Downtown Grand Junction. Plus I’m still at Tangle. I don’t know how long this new job will last, but I like it.)

I don’t know what I’m doing. All of the things, I guess. I’m dead tired. But I’m having fun. I’m actually making real money for what feels like the first time ever. I’m doing all of the things I love: being creative, making change, ruling the world. I’m so tired.

Everything is new right now. I don’t know how to operate. Josh and I are figuring out how to balance both of us working more-than-full-time while running a household and raising teenage children. We may not have groceries in the house, but it’s an adventure.

I have friends who hate change. They fight it with everything in them. But I like change. I like everything being new. I like the fresh, shininess of it. And the adventure. I like blowing everything up and rebuilding.

This time last year I wasn’t married. I wasn’t living in this house. I was the director of a free medical clinic. Everything is new.

I think this is the cycle. THIS is life. Death and Rebirth. Death and Rebirth. Over and over again. After so much death and loss and tragedy, THIS is the rebirth. Everything new. Life again. I don’t know about Heaven, but I do know that life happens new, everyday. Maybe this is what being “born again” really means.
Death and Rebirth.
Life again.
Everything new.
Blow it up.
Start again.

[If there was any song that was the soundtrack of this life phase, it would be this one, on repeat at our house all the time right now.]

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