Double taps

Well, here’s a thing I know: I’ve been using social media to try to communicate and connect with the people around me.

It’s not working very well. 

Big life changes are getting brushed aside, lost in shuffle of Donald Trump articles and recipe videos. 

Or maybe no one cares? It’s hard to tell. 

What I’m feeling so acutely is that likes, emoji, double taps are all a counterfeit for real human connection. 

Nothing beats real words from a person to another person. And I think that’s what we all actually need. Connection. To feel like some really cares. To see a human make some effort to reach out to another human. 

Social media is my job and I like my job. But I don’t want it to infiltrate my life in the way that it is. It doesn’t feel very healthy. And it certainly doesn’t feel very authentic. It’s like watching a sunset on tv when you could just go outside and see the real thing. 

I don’t want to keep doing this, stuck in this artificial world we all experience through the screens on our phones. I want more. I want real. And I don’t want to keep feeling lost in the shuffle. 

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One Response to “Double taps”

  1. Bryan

    I’d hate to see you lose hope in social media. Yes, this is coming from someone that doesn’t know you very well, but, try to keep in mind, if it weren’t for social media, I wouldn’t know you at all. I know it may have felt like selling Tangle got lost in the shuffle, but for me personally, I didn’t know whether to say “congratulations”, or “I’m sorry”. I moved to OR with my wife, and I don’t have any “real” friends here, so a lot of times, social media is all that I have. That, and a group text I have running daily with a few of my far-away best friends. I really see the other side of the spectrum, because in that position, I’ve made quite a few friends this way, that I’ve never even met in “real life”, many that I’ve known for years.

    Please don’t feel disconnected, because even if we don’t always say something, we’re reading, and we care. :)

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