And Blingo was his name-o

I won!! See? See? Here I am at the top of the list! (I won a movie ticket.)

I’m pretty impressed with Blingo now. Especially because it’s just google with benefits!

Here’s the link to sign up and if you win, I win too!


Ever more importantly, Elizabeth, who is a sweet, sweet, sweetie, sent me a fab care package. I’d take a picture of it but the kids have already gotten into all the stuff she sent for them. The started stickering everything with Dora stickers, including us and Jim went to the store with a Dora sticker on his shirt! Luckily he noticed it as he walked in.

She sent me the coolest green fabric ever and now I need to knit another purse so I can line it with the fabric!

Thank you Elizabeth!!

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6 Responses to “And Blingo was his name-o”

  1. Bee

    Congrats! What did you win?

  2. Joelene

    I am your friend does that mean I won too?

  3. sarahgrace

    Yeah, what did you win?

  4. LeAnne

    I just joined as your friend!! I am on Google all the time so I have my fingers crossed!

  5. JediEmpressMel

    Hey! Thank you so much for signing up under me… I hope people will do the same for you!

    I found the company that blingo gets the movie tickets thru…here’s the site to see what theatres in your area take them.
    They have Blingo listed in the drop down thingy.

    Anyhow, Congrats on winning. =]

  6. Christa

    Wheee! You go with your bad blingo-winning self! Free stuff is always goooooood. :)

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