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I never want to be a blog clique. I always want people to know that they’re welcome here and that I’m interested in the comments they make. That’s why I always try my hardest to reply to each comment. I’m not interested in this website just being all about me or the number of hits I get. (But I do have to say, it’s fun to brag to my husband that my website gets the most hits out of every website on our server. I think deep down he’s actually proud.) I never want it to be at the point that I’m just writing it to write, I’m all about building friendships. I don’t see the internet as a barrier for creating friendships, I see it as an enabler.

So I guess what I was trying to say before, is that I give up on trying to be friends with people who don’t want to be friends with me.

And I neglected to say that I’m so thankful for all of YOU! It just makes my day to open up my email and see that I’ve got comments. I’m also really enjoying getting to know all of you through your blogs too. So if this were a clique, you’d all be in it, but I just think a clique is too exclusive and I’m not about excluding anyone.

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  1. JP

    Well said…isn’t it crazy to feel like you know all these people you’ve never met?

    I really enjoy your site, envy your knitting talent, love all the pictures and crack up at the kid stories. You rock.

  2. Knitcore Nadia

    ::cheerws:: well said. Friendship, finding common ground, learning something new, being exposed to new people and experiences, knitting, that’s what its really all about for me at least. You rule girl, don’t ever think that just because some silly little internet clique doesn’t let you into their inner sanctum that you are one iota less cool than they are, being nice and friendly and all-inclusive, that’s what’s cool.

  3. elizabeth

    ya know, i know *exactly* what you mean. the thing that i hate about blogger is that i am unable to reply to a comment and then its sent via email (does that make sense). i think you are able to do that. and a lot of times i think “well if i post a comment in the comment section of my blog, how is anyone going to know that i answered them unless they check it again”. so that is why i try (and i do stress the word try) to go to that person’s blog and leave a comment with a thank you (however, i don’t always do that to you allison, b/c ya see, we’re part of the same clique…so we don’t have to do that ;)

    sometimes i have to remind myself that i really am doing the blog for me and to journal what i do (along with the fam) on a regular basis. but i do like comments and i do like hits (i really like hits, but then i have to remember that a lot of em are me checking in or to go to my link section).

    so with all that ramblin’ said, i think you rock girl! i’ve been a fan of yours since i started on glitter. i’ve even talked about you to my rlf (i’m not sounding stalkerish yet am i??? ;)

    so you continue being the rockin’ blogger that you are and know that at least i will always be checkin in to see how ya’ll are doing (even if i don’t leave a comment)


  4. Jules

    I always thought it was cool that every single comment I leave for you gets a reply in my inbox…

    BTW, I’ve been meaning to ask you…How did the Amish Friendship Bread come out? I want to make some, but I’ve been waiting for you to give it the thumbs up first!

  5. Jasmine

    I read your blog every day, and I know I don’t post many comments, but I was never sure if that would be weird or not since I don’t know you in real life. (I mistakenly assumed that everyone else on here does!)

    I love reading your stories… very entertaining and insightful since you’re a few years ahead of me in the marriage-and-family department. (I’m getting married this summer.)

    In an effort to build into this blog non-clique, I am tagging you in a game of Blogging Book Tag. Here are five questions you’re supposed to answer on your blog:

    1. Total number of books I’ve owned.
    2. The last book I bought.
    3. The Last Book I read.
    4. 5 books that mean something to me.
    5. Tag 5 people and request they fill this out on their journals.

    You don’t really have to answer these questions, I don’t know if you’re the reading type or not, but I don’t have that many blogging friends so I just thought it never hurts to reach out and meet someone new! :)

    Have a great day and keep up the awesome blog!


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