Dinner this week – 2/26/24

The theme these days is what is super easy to make. Also, I’m trying to free up some space in the freezer so all of these are meals I can accomplish without going to the store. 

Salad with chicken and goat cheese 
-rotisserie chicken, goat cheese, apple slices, pecans, red onion, greens, some kind of homemade vinaigrette

Thai Basil Beef 
-subbing in ground beef because I’m lazy.

Mini Meatballs and pasta
-bless me for making a double batch of meatballs back in December and freezing half of it. We’ve been eating this pasta because it’s the best tasting low carb pasta I’ve found.

White bean soup with ham and collard greens
-this recipe exists in my head and I’ll try to write it up. It’s loosely based on this one, but I use dried beans and ham steak and make it in the instant pot.

-standard ground beef tacos. Will use carbonaut tortillas to keep it low carb.

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