Dinner this week – 3/4/24

White bean soup with ham and collard greens that I didn’t make last week

-this recipe exists in my head and I’ll try to write it up. It’s loosely based on this one, but I use dried beans and ham steak and make it in the instant pot.

Korean Beef Bowls
-we eat this with cauliflower rice and store-bought kimchee.

Carne Asada
-I have some pre-seasoned meat in the freezer. We’ll eat this with low carb tortillas, avocado and possibly some pinto beans I have frozen from a previous meal.

Greek Meatball Bowls
-I make Tzatziki dairy free with Culina plain coconut milk and it’s so good. I can’t get enough of it.

Chicken Shawarma
-I buy the NY Shuk Shawarma seasoning from Sprouts. Along with the red onions and parsley I’ll also chop up cherry tomatoes and cucumbers and toss them with a little preserved lemon paste, also from NY Shuk. It’s so good.

Always in the freezer for when we really don’t want to cook:
Low carb pizza crusts from Carbonat, low carb, gf chicken strips to eat with a salad

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