Strong Will

Be thinking of salad recipes, I’ll have more next week.

I finished the One Skein Wonder last weekend. I’ll post pics of it whenever the time correlates that Jim is here to take a picture and I don’t look like a slob.

Thanks to Joelene who inspired me to knit one and for the suggestions on changing the ribbing. Joelene’s the bestest!

Things are pretty even keel here, I’m just trying to figure out how to deal with a strong willed baby. Holy cow! is he a stinker these days. I know what it’s like to want your way, but come on HONOR! you’re not even two yet! My mom always said that my sister was in payment for my uncles childhood because he didn’t have any kids. I think I’m being paid back for my sisters actions as a child. NOT FAIR! But there’s one in every family right? I think it’s Gods way of keeping things….. interesting (and by interesting I mean… INSANE).

Have a good weekend everybody, I promise that I’ll be a better blogger next week.

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4 Responses to “Strong Will”

  1. Elaine

    My 2yo is just going through such a whiney phase… drives me crazy! So far my kidos haven’t been too challenging, but my brother was a hellion, so now you have me all freaked that I’ll have to pay for it!

  2. Cara

    Everyone’s blog I read lately has at least one post about their frustrations w/their 2-ish y/o’s :( I hope it gets a little easier for you soon.

    Can’t wait to see a pic of your knitting, I like that!

  3. loo

    I am being paid back for my sister, too!!! If she doesn’t have kids soon so she can deal with it then I am lending her my Emma for a day or two.

    Of course, those things always backfire and she would be a sweet angel.

    sorry…I’m not awake and this post made no sense

  4. JP

    You know, AGE THREE has been a big improvement. There are different challenges than AGE TWO…but it is SLIGHTLY easier to reason with a 3yr old than a 2 yr old.

    And I did say SLIGHTLY.

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