The things we bring upon ourselves

So, this weekend when we were watching a tivo’d episode of Star Trek the Next Generation (NERDS!), Eden was sweetly coloring on a coloring book and Honor was sweetly coloring the ENTIRE HOUSE. I knew when we picked up that pack of crayons at evil Walmart for $.10 that I should spend the extra money and buy washable crayons. But they were ten cents, I figured it would be ok. A calculated risk. A stupid risk.

So we were watching Star Trek, learning about things like subspace fields and deflector dishes when we realized that Honor was strangely quiet. Jim went to investigate. The pictures didn’t turn out, but he found the entire surface of the kitchen decorated in hues of blue and green artistic scribbles. We’re talking, everything at Honor height, the stove, the fridge, the dishwasher, the walls, the cabinets. Later we found that he took a trip down stairs and decorated on his way down. He even got Eden’s turd computer monitor.

It was SO our fault. See, I think the problem is that we’re expecting him to be like Eden, and he’s just not. It would be nice, but he’s just not. It is absolutely against he nature to stay out of trouble. Honor will just always be… ornery. I need to just keep that in mind and come running whenever he’s not in my sight.

All I have to say is, I’m buying stock in the magic sponge. It got every speck of crayon off. That and I’m going to install a tracking beacon in Honor, so I can always locate him. Tracking beacon, another thing I learned from Star Trek.

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  1. angela

    We’ve been rockin the TNG lately too, oh fellow nerd;)

  2. loo

    You know I go through it all with Emma…and now Aden wants to be her shadow! *sigh*

    At least we have our oldest children to help balance it all out.

  3. sarahgrace

    Yep- I need to use my magic sponge on my office door. It’s got a lovely pink and black scribble all over it. I’m thinking of investing in those crayons and markers that will only mark on the special paper you have to buy for it. A little more expensive, but probably worth it.

  4. Brianne

    I think the magic sponges are gifts from the gods. They even get pink hair dye off old porcelain. Don’t you have to wonder what makes them work?

  5. Lizz

    AHHH the magic sponge, how I love thee! Cliffnotes version of why….2year old+sharpee+wall=nightmare sharpee incident. I bought kilz stain covering paint and by the check out counter there was the magic sponge, I bought one to see if it would do something and OMG it took SHARPPEE out! I cried tears of joy. The wall was saved, the two year old was saved and everyone lived happily ever after, until the next incident. ;)

  6. LeAnne

    YAY Magic Sponge. Just keep that mental image in your head of Christmas and/or Hannukah in 20 years when Eden and Honor come home from college and you all laugh about the crayoned house.

  7. trudie

    as i was reading this, i was thinking, ‘i’ve got to tell her about the magic sponge!’

  8. Merededeux

    In a pinch, try toothpaste. Not the gel kind, but good old fashioned paste. It got black crayon off some molding in our bathroom very quickly. And it was completely safe for the matte-finished paint.

  9. Elaine

    That boy will probably be super easy when he’s older… like 40. Certainly by 40 you won’t be cleaning up any more of his messes.

    Of course, if I’m wrong, you probably won’t be able to beat me with a stick TOO severely by the time you’re in your 60’s.

    I hope.

  10. ordinary girl

    we crayon off micah’s entire bedroom with that magic eraser!! amazing little invention! no doubt in 10 years they’ll “discover” it causes cancer…

    till then – i’m buying in BULK!!

  11. Angela

    I Adore the Magic Eraser. 2 & 5 yr olds..But my mother just called and told me she heard that there is something in it that causes cancer.She said they are being recalled and will be put back on the market with a diclaimer on the packaging.So Of course I hop on the internet. The only thing I could find was the latter comment.” No doubt, in 10 years they’ll discover it causes cancer”

  12. daron

    re: Magic eraser – it contains a known carcinogen formaldehyde which can cause cancer. STOP USING them. The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. did a huge story. See\marketplace to see.

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