We picked up our car from the shop yesterday. It was really sad to give Jim’s dad’s van back to him. As much as I resist the idea of driving around a minivan (I’m only 24! I should be driving some cool European hatch back.), it is SO nice for taking the kids around town. Like a night and day difference between a minivan and our little Honda Civic.

But we gave the van back and picked up the Honda. And we got very good news! It didn’t end up being the clutch, it was the axle after all. We saved $450.00. Thank God. My dad was relieved too, cause he was starting to doubt his diagnostic abilities. I’m just relieved that all my hard work at the yarn store this month isn’t going to go towards the stupid car.

Tonight Jim and I are going to celebrate our 6th anniversary (which is actually Sunday.) My friend Melissa was so sweet to offer to take the kids for us all night tonight. I can’t believe that it’s been six years. But in some ways, I can’t really remember my life before being married. I was really young when I decided to get married, not even 18 years old, but I knew then that it was the right decision. I’ve spent the last six years knowing that my 17 year old self knew what she was doing. I can only see God’s hand on my life, and I am more grateful than words can say.

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  1. sarahgrace

    Yea for the the car and Yea- for you and Jim! Happy 6th! have a blast- but not too much- you don’t want to have a third by your 7th (or maybe you do….) LOL!

  2. tricia

    Congratulations on 6 years. I married young also, just 19 at the time, I however didn’t know what I was doing. Through the Lords abundant grace though, we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary in Feb. I don;t know how couples who don’t know the Lord do it!

  3. elboniablue

    Congratulations on your anniversary. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders, as well as a lot of heavenly guidance :). I was nowhere near knowing what I wanted for the rest of my life at 17.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Candice

    I didn’t know you were 24? Me too! Do you get a lot of that, “You look too young to have kids, dur hur.” ?? Cause I get it ALL the time.
    Congrats on your anniversary. Crazy how fast it goes by, huh??

  5. Alex

    Yay for you and your car. Congrats to you both for making it six years. 17! I was just 18 and had a lot of hate towards my early marriage. I hope yours was recieved better. Congrats again! And wishes for many happy more years.

  6. elizabeth

    happy, happy anniversary to you and jim. i hope you guys have a wonderful night :)

  7. Daph

    Wow, happy anniversary you two! That’s so sweet. :) I hope you had a nice night out celebrating.

    Glad to hear you didn’t have to get your clutch replaced. We had to have that done on our Honda and it was a pain in the bootay, lemme tell ya!


  8. Elaine

    Happy anniv! My 17 year-old self would have had me hitched to a juggler, so thank goodness I didn’t listen to her! LOL! I think you’re 17yo self was WAYYYY smarted than mine.

    See you soon!

  9. Annejelynn

    Happy belated Anniversary! that’s great! kudos to you and your Jimbo-man (if anyone calls him that, I bet he hates it, eh?)

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