He’s at it again…

Last night, as I stepped over the hot pink stains from the princess toothpaste Honor had squeezed on the kids’ bedroom carpet to make sure he was covered up, I thought, “The reason they are so sweet when they are sleeping is to deter their parents from strangling them while they sleep.”

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6 Responses to “He’s at it again…”

  1. elizabeth

    oh how true is this (as mikey is in his room pouting b/c i am making him lay down and watch a movie and bella is in her room screaming and crying…err…i mean taking a nap)!

  2. Heidi

    That was so well stated. I often wondered why they looked cuter then!!!! ;-) Mine are just toooo much somtimes – today was one of the to much days. Neither one is feeling so well so, it is pure heck for me. yippee…. How did I get myself into this? Oh yeah, I said I wanted kids and wore a pretty red dress!!! oops hahaha

  3. Daph

    That is SO TRUE. It’s that pesky sense of survival thing, LOL.

  4. Jill

    Too funny!

  5. sarahgrace

    Oh how I know exactly what you mean!

  6. Scout

    Oh how I can relate to this!

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