Ok, bloglines (who should be paying me for this endorsement!) is a web based application that allows the user to subscribe to different RSS feeds (like blog feeds, news feeds, etc.) From your personal bloglines page, you can see when each feed you subscribe too has been updated, and either read it directly on your bloglines page, or click to go to the website. The only thing you can’t do directly in bloglines, is comment on a blog post.

It has saved me a lot of time, because usually I’d go through all the blogs I read and only half of them would be updated. It takes me way less time to read blogs now, so I actually do it a lot more. And there you have it.

In completely different news, we got to see our 6 month old niece for the first time on Tuesday. Jim’s oldest sister is caring for her while the babys mom is in the hospital. She is such a sweet, happy baby. It was really great to be able to see and hold her. There’s so much more that I’d like to say, but it’s probably not wise to post such things on the internet. Just if there’s any extra prayers any of you want to throw towards Jim’s family, it would be greatly appreciated. And at least I can rest easy in the fact that I know right now, my little niece is safe.

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7 Responses to “stuff”

  1. Tracy

    You have a big, loving heart!

  2. Scout

    I’m a total Bloglines addict. I can barely keep up with all of my feeds. Did you figure out how to put a sublines thingy in your toolbar so it’s easy to just click when you like a site?

  3. Heidi

    Will keep them in our prayers Allison. I bet she is a real cutie!!! LOl :)

  4. Merededeux

    I’m glad she’s happy and you got to see her.

  5. Jill

    I hope everything is okay and we’ll definitley send some prayers that way!

  6. Annejelynn

    I’m just getting to that “gotta finally check out this RSS feed stuff/thing” point… almost (stalling)

  7. tricia

    Thanks for the blogline info. Now to figure out the RSS thing:) I will certainly add your husbands family to my prayer journal.

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