sweeping judgements

I was at the fabric store earlier today picking up some strapping for the purse that my mom is helping me make. As I was waiting to get my items cut, Honor was trying to get into the big bin of buttons. Fearing the backlash from the meanies at the store, I told him no, and picked him up. He asked me “Why?” And the lady cutting my strapping said, “Oh, I miss that, the ‘whys’.”
I jokingly said, “Trust me you don’t.”
And she replied, “If you like being mom you do. I guess if you don’t like this age and can’t wait for it to be over then you don’t. But I liked being a mom.”

I didn’t even know how to reply to that, so I just stared at her.

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  1. loo

    I would have responded by letting Honor down and into the box of buttons.

    That was the single worst comment I have ever heard!

  2. Elaine

    What an asshat (her, not you).

  3. Kari

    WOW….you should’ve asked her if she could even remember back to when her kids were that age. =)

  4. Brooke


  5. Heidi

    I love how Elaine just lays it all out for everyone to see – you GO GIRL!!!! and Kari Way to go!! LOL Rude doesnt even describe what a snot she was. I have tried to be funny at times like that too and people have snubbed me. I seriously think I would ask for a complaint form. If they treat you bad now, what do you have to loose. They may get their heads out of their BUTTS!!! Cant wait to see the bag. :)_

  6. Jill

    Yikes… that was rude!

  7. alex

    oh MY

  8. elizabeth

    i prolly would said “excuse me” (of course with attitude, picked up honor, and walked outta the store.

  9. allisone

    I’m with Loo!

  10. Merededeux

    Just….wrong. I would have let him run after that, too.

  11. sarahgrace

    OH.MY.GOSH! Have these women no tactful or empathetic bone in their body? Sheesh!

  12. tricia

    I think I would have told her I wanted to speak to her manager.

  13. Scout

    Wow. I would have told her to join the crazies on Oprah who all fool themselves into thinking good moms don’t complain about how hard it is.



    I’d start buying from http://www.retrodepot.com and never go back there again. What a total beeyotch!

  14. Smantha

    That’s one of those things that even after it happens, you don’t believe it happened. I’m betting a nickel she was sneaking rum and cokes while she was “loving” the “why’s”. lol

  15. cher

    How soon we forget!

    Is life so consistant that we ALWAYS love our favorite things? Aren’t there some times you just don’t feel like knitting?
    I love, and have fond memories of, the infant stage; the nuzzling, nursing, wonder. But honey, I just don’t MISS falling asleep on my knees on a hardwood floor at 3:00 A.M. while patting the back of a “colicky” infant who was supposed to be sleeping in a carbed!

  16. cher

    PS,,,Ha! My blood boiled so much I related the story to my husband. Says he, “Well that explains why that lady is working in a fabric store instead of being a counselor.”

  17. Sarah E.

    That’s appalling. I’d ask to speak to her manager, but what would you even say? Where do you begin?

    I’d have to say that I myself am looking forward to the rosy afterglow of parenting remembered when my children are grown. It’s like labor–you forget how much it hurt and how long it lasted.

  18. Tish

    I would’ve let that child destroy everything in the store and then just walked out leaving the wrackage behind. For as much as I cherish every minute of raising my neice, I still think I would cherish it without pacing in the dark with her for twelve hours at a time while she was sick. She clearly works there because she can’t get a job anywhere else, and I bet her children grow up to be evil too.

  19. nichola

    I think i’d have been over that counter with my hands around her throat! I’m not one to hold back, as you may tell. ;-)

  20. persephone

    ugh… I am totally used to people saying idiotic things to me, especially about children.

  21. Heidi

    How is the the “manners thing” going? Is she still doing the calander after she got the car? :) LOL just curious.

  22. ordinary girl

    Is the same store you teach a class in?? I was going to comment on the lady, but yeah, I think asshat fits perfectly. ;)

  23. pretendingsanity

    it’s for sure not the same store. I could never work with people who treated others like that!

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