Ode to my husband

My links page works now. And I need to say one more thing and then I’ll stop talking about my website. I have to give credit to my husband. I did the design, but he made it all work. All that coding is no easy thing. My knowledge of PHP is limited to editing pre-exsisting pages, and even then I barely know what I’m doing. Jim on the other hand is a coding genious. He made all of this work and continues to fix it for me when I mess it up (which is, unfortunately, quite often.)

He installed the new (and very cool) version of wordpress for me, did something fancy with the database and even wrote a script that made Category: Jim, this website 10 comments »

10 Responses to “Ode to my husband”

  1. Joelene

    With the new amazing blog comes a little reminder to you and all your readers. Back up your blog. I have read some horror stories about people losing YEARS, of entries.

    Good job JIm!

  2. allisone

    InDeed JiM, puRE clAss!

  3. super_luminal

    I’ll have you know that *my* husband has already claimed the nano that I’ll allegedly win on blingo, because I already have an iPod, a pink mini with my name engraved on it that he gave me. So maybe when that happens, you can give Jim the one you’ll win then too. ;)
    Great job on the site, Jim.

  4. Elaine

    He’s a geek rock star and we think he’s the bees knees! ROCK ON!

  5. LeAnne

    I’m TOTALLY going to be dooce.com someday :-).

  6. Mama C-ta

    I really love your new look! After updating my wordpress stuff and screwing it up and it still not being 100% I am very jealous of having a husband w/your skill!

  7. Smantha

    The site looks great!

  8. Diane

    what a great hubby you have…is he available for hire?


  9. Mel

    Your website looks so pretty! You both did a great job.
    Congratulations on your Nano btw. They’re fun gadgets.

  10. karinajean

    it looks great! I just upgraded my wp and have been putting off making a custom layout – I don’t know anything about php!

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