I’ve got my own personal bunch of trolls – it makes me feel so popular!

(I’m trying not to make every single post this week a “whine about my tooth post.” Just a little update though: Yesterday the dentist gave me some heavy duty drugs which knocked me out without doing much for the pain. They started to at least take the edge off the pain last night. Today I’m surviving, I actually just got to eat my first real meal all week. Hopefully I will continue to improve.)

I’ve been thinking a lot about a few rude comments I received last night on one of my posts. As long as such judgementalism about my parenting skills doesn’t come from people I know and care about, it doesn’t really bother me. But I guess it made me think about being open minded.

When a person sets their mind to think a certain way, they don’t leave open the possibility that there is more than one right way to do something. They don’t realize that they may not know all the facts. It’s easy to have an idea of how you think another person should parent, especially easy when you haven’t been a parent yourself. But I guess the thing I find most amusing is that the comments came from people who are a members of a “child-free” group. They demand that no one tell them that they should have children. So why waste so much time belittling someone who has made a different choice than they have? I guess that being child-free affords these people extra time on their hands to come harass me.
Why must there be only one way of thinking?

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8 Responses to “I’ve got my own personal bunch of trolls – it makes me feel so popular!”

  1. Merededeux

    They blasted you on your blog? I’ve noticed that those without children are the best at parenting. Don’t you dare squelch my free speech and shut up about it!

    (You know I’m being totally facetious, right?)

  2. super_luminal

    Trolls are just a sign that you’re that much closer to being able to live off the blog, like Dooce! ;)
    I’m reminded of my mother, saying, “Oh honey, don’t you listen, they’re just jealous!” And why shouldn’t they be jealous- your kids are adorable and you’re a great mom.

  3. Sarah

    Trolls? For real? You must really be pulling in the readers! Way to go!

  4. moody knitter

    Because people these days are very close minded. It is a sad thing!

  5. LeAnne

    Email me and tell me what was said. Just last weekend, I was “taken down a notch” by my cousin, a woman I respect and admire. However, the thing she was upset about was a parenting behavior (mine) and she doesn’t have any children! How can they even THINK they know what they are talking about!!!! However, it’s also the same sometimes with people who *do* have kids. Trust in your parenting skills. Go with your gut. You are doing great and with Jim, you guys are a wonderful team and super examples for the opposing team (haha) of Honor and Eden.

  6. sarahgrace

    You know I think you’re an awesome mommy! Let the trolls eat their words when they finally have children of their own…

  7. Whimspiration

    Congrats on the troll aquisition. :D I agree with everyone else that this is a good thing, even if it is really, horribly annoying.

  8. loo

    trolls are always lame.

    And what could you have done to envoke the hammer of judgement? I think you are a wonderful, caring, attentive mom!

    At least you know not to take it to heart…right? Right??

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