anti potty training

So yesterday was the big boy underwear wearing day. Suffice to say that we went through all 6 pairs, I washed them and then we went through some of them again. The culmination of the underwear wearing came at dinner time. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and talking to my sister on the phone, I thought the kids were playing in their room. Suddenly, Eden came in and told me, “MOM, there’s poop everywhere!”

It WAS everywhere. The floor, the walls, his hair, all over him, some toys, some clothes and somehow there were BBQ tongs involved. Don’t ask. And yes, Honor is still alive.

All I have to say is that even though he JUST sat on the potty, he had a little accident and tried to clean it up himself. But I am resolute, if he can try to change his own diaper, he can be potty trained. Today the underwear wearing continues and this kid will be potty trained.

(How many days will it take for me to eat my words?)

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  1. Merededeux

    I wasn’t giggling until I got to the BBQ tongs. Poor mommy!

  2. sarahgrace

    Do we get a special present for guessing the right amount of days? Hee hee hee ; )

  3. Sarah R.

    You might want to consider ditching the underware for a bit and have Honor go au natural for a day (or several). And when I say au natural, I mean completely bottomless. I’ve only done the potty learning thing once with my oldest and I have no experience doing it with a boy, but in my experience underware confused the issue for awhile. This was especially true of training pants (a huge waste of money IMO) but it was even the case with regular underware at first. With nothing on her bum though, my daughter got the idea right quick that it was either sit on the potty or stand in pile of sh*t and a puddle of pee. I wont lie. There where some puddles and a few piles but she developed a preference for the potty quickly.

  4. Elaine

    OMG. The tongs sent me over the edge. Too funny. Hope it gets easier from now on!

  5. jasmineT

    Can we set up a beer fund in your honor? It sounds like it was quite a day. Hang in there…

  6. Kari

    What? No pics? =)

  7. Cher

    You are absolutely right. Honor “gets it” and it will only be a matter of time until he chooses to put two and two together and apply what he knows. No one says he won’t be creative in the process, though, so brace yourself.

  8. Little Miss

    we are about to begin that venture w/ my two youngest (ages two and three)…and I am NOT looking forward to this!!

  9. KB

    you’re doing good mama! Hang in there, he will get it soon. It just takes a little time and BBQ tongs in your case :)

  10. Pip

    Awww. Be strong! I don’t envy you. I’m going to be there SOON.


  11. loo

    That’s it…diapers until college for my boy.

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