de-lurk Friday

It’s official. Today is the day that all of you out there that I never hear from get to say “hi”. And to sweeten the deal, commenter #?? will win a little prize (of the itunes variety). I’m especially interested to see how many men are reading, Jim thought maybe 20% of my readers are men. I think maybe 4 of my readers are men, all of whom I know.

So you can just stop by to say “hi.” You can tell me a little about yourself or you can tell me your favorite item on the toilet list. Make sure you include a valid email address with your comment so I can email the winner about their prize!

Let the de-lurking begin.

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35 Responses to “de-lurk Friday”

  1. Merededeux

    I’m not a man but my favorite toilet items are: Honor, the raisin he wanted to eat and the one, no two, no three, actually it’s four rolls of toilet paper.

  2. Regina

    Also not a man but…
    My favourites are the waffle and raisins. :)

  3. Amy

    Hi – I’m Amy, I love your blog and I especially love your toliet list. I would have to say my favorite is the raisin, clentched in hand… that was almost eaten after being in the toilet. But they are all great.

  4. suzy

    hi, i’m suzy, i started reading your blog because of your knitting and i’m a permanent reader now as your new addition is a beagle! cute cute cute dog! i am a knitter, a tatter and a mommy to 3 adopted bouncing beagles. i just started my own stitch n oh, wait SNB group here in seattle called k2tog so life is full. the waffle is my favorite toilet item :] i’m just waiting for you to find honor putting the dog in the toilet, one of mine volounteers to jump in so toilet lid closed at my house :]

  5. Nichole R.

    Hello! I’ve been a lurker here for a few months…love the blog!

  6. Anna

    I guess i don’t actually qualify as a lurker as this is my first time visiting your site – but i like it and i’m sure i’ll come back, so ‘Hi!’ It’s awesome to see all the stuff you’ve made, you’re so creative – go you! I want to take up some kind of creative/arty hobby to amuse me on evenings/rainy days in my campervan when i head off to Europe in July. Maybe i’ll give knitting a shot!

  7. Sara

    Hi I’m here for the knitting but love the cute pouty kids too!

  8. tricia

    Hey there! I have commented before…in reference to lusting after your leopard rug. I forget how I found your blog. I love reading about your “adventures in parenting,” since I’m finished with that part of my llife. I’m going to be a grandma in December!

  9. Christy

    I found your blog through Jill, who reads my friend’s (Bridget’s) blog. My favorite item on the toilet list is “Honor”. And yes, I admit, that I have tried your enchilada casserole! I feel so exposed. :)

  10. kate

    OK, I’ll bite.
    I came via g* awhile ago and had to add you to my ‘visit daily’ bookmarked blogs. I love your style, go awww over your adorable kids and envy your knitting skills. I don’t think I have a favourite toilet thing, but love the fact that you have a list. When I have kids I plan to collect lists like that to bring out at their 21st brithday.

  11. boujagal

    I am a lurker …a g* sister. I don’t have kids but I would like some someday once my life slows the heck down. I like your sense of humour about things. It inspires me.

  12. Michelle

    Hi! I hereby admit to being a Lurker. I found your blog thru my sister’s old roomy blog (Jasmine). I love your site! Your kids (and dogs) are adorable, your entries make me laugh and I really like seeing all the items you knit – it’s a gift! I tried to make a dishcloth once….i’ve stayed away from those needles since then. (I’m also very fond of your new site layout and colour scheme).

    p.s. i’m female and from Canada!

  13. Sammie

    I’m a mom of three children, I guess I’ve been lurking now for about 9 months or so. I’ve made your black bean wraps, they were yummy. We have them all the time now.

    My favorite toilet item is of course your tooth brush. I pick it as my fav because at least you knew it went in, not like them telling you about it a few days later. see, there is a plus to every story.
    Your blog is great!!!

  14. joelene

    um, i guess i lurk, but then again i do call you on the phone….

    you know i am always reading even though i don’t comment!

  15. Dawn

    I think you’re responsible for my blogline addiction. lol. I usually read you more on bloglines than at your actual site and so I don’t tend to comment.

  16. Jane

    Hi! I lurk, I knit and I am a mommy! I mainly lurk for the knitting, but love the Eden and Honor stories!

  17. Kim

    I’m a blogless lurker, I admit it. I’ve been reading knitting blogs since the Knitting Olympics, and I have no idea how I found yours, but I like to read it. One blog leads to another…

  18. Jasmine

    I’m here reading all the itme but I rarely comment. I found you through g* (the one and only time I ever visited) and I stayed because of your awesome kids. Idesperately want to be a mom. I also love that you knit. I’ve been very excited to see you around craftster more and more.


  19. Nora

    I found your site by accident and now check it almost every day to read your blog… it provides me with a bit of humor in my otheriwse bland and boring work day. Plus, I can relate to almost everything you write about… Thanks for the entertainment.. and all of the good info!

  20. sarahgrace

    Okay- I’m here everyday- but I just have to say, where are the guys?

  21. Scout


  22. Ursula

    Okay – officially delurking.

  23. krista

    i don’t need a priz, but delurking to let you know i subscribe with loglines, and read your site regularly. ;)

  24. Amy

    Hi, my name is Amy and I am a lurker. I love your site and your family is sooo cute. My husband and I are planning to start our own family soon and I read your site to get myself prepared. Oh, I knit and craft too. Thanks!

  25. ratichoo

    Alright, I’m a lurker too… My name’s Dorothee, I’m French and I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now. Your kids always crack me up!
    I liked all items of your list, because I was glad I didn’t read of this particular item I fished once: a dead kitten which had drowned jumping in the toilet not being able to climb its way out… Now I ALWAYS close the lid… (sorry this is a bit long!)

  26. Candice

    Not a lurker. I just haven’t checked in in a while, lol. I love the raisin the best.

  27. Gina

    I’ve been lurking for a while, love your blog. I’m a mom of a 23-month old and a 10-week old, pretending to be sane as well. Your stories about your kids are hilarious, keep it up!

  28. Karin

    Female here. Love your stuff.

  29. Daph

    I’m a lurker, but I also comment, so I guess that doesn’t count. :) Cool to see that you have so many “hidden” readers out there!

  30. Francesca (Stuntmother)

    I’m a luuuuuuurker. I’m a luurrrrrrker. I forget how I found you but I enjoy reading your pretended sanity. Oh, and it’s Sunday but still lurking.

    I can mostly barely manage to pretend I’m sane. But it’s still better than the alternatives!

  31. erin

    krazigal from g*!

  32. marie b.

    Sláinte. I pop by from time to time through the blogroll of one of my friends.

  33. Jordan

    Hi! I started reading for the knitting, and, well, now I’m just reading for everything. I do think the toilet list is hilarious, but I don’t know that I have a favorite, at least not today. Cheerio!

  34. JessicaMae

    I found you about a year ago…and fell in love with the fact that you knit. (i am addicted to knitting too.) and so i have stayed to lurk. I love the site, and think you are wonderful!

  35. Sarah

    Hi! This is sarahelizabeth from g*. I’m a lurker, too. I like reading your blog because you’re like a Dooce that I sort of “know.” I’m still telling people about how you helped me set up my wireless internet. That was awesome!

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