written out of the will

Honor plus scissors equals:

honor plus scissors equals:

yes, that is a handknit sock.

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10 Responses to “written out of the will”

  1. lola

    Teach that sucka how to darn a sock!

  2. super_luminal

    Aw. :(

  3. Kari

    Hopefully he did that at home and not the shop…..cuz you can only be naughty at home. ;)

  4. Jane


  5. scout

    Oh no he DIDN’T!

  6. Merededeux

    I seriously just lost my breath there. I’m so sorry, sock!

  7. sarahelizabeth

    OMG! I would cry if someone cut one of my piddly garter stitch rectangles. I can’t imagine.

  8. artistgirl

    I saw that picture and felt like I’d been punched in the gut. Thank heavens for darning.

  9. Sonja


  10. melissa

    did you flush HIM down the toilet?

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